Installation For DF Naylor

Being an MOT Testing station is a great way to offer even more customers your incredible service! One of the most important pieces of garage equipment is an MOT Bay, so that’s why it’s a fantastic idea to have one installed.


Keep reading below to find out how you’re able to bring this fantastic investment into your workshop!


The Install


Our highly trained garage equipment engineers headed off to Derby to install a Class 4 ATL Bay supplied by garage equipment specialists, V-Tech. 


In just two days we completed the full installation of all of the MOT equipment, leaving DF Naylor ready to offer MOT services to their customers straight away. 


As specialists in ATL Bay installations, we take great pride in ensuring that MOT equipment like this is installed professionally and in a timely manner. 


We’ve been installing ATL Bays for years and continue to be the ‘go-to installers’ for many other garage equipment suppliers too. 

The Product


We installed every piece of equipment within the Class 4 ATL Bay including:


  • OMA-526JCL5 – 5T Class 7 ATL 4 Post Lift 
  • BM4010 – Class 7 ATL DVSA MTS Connected Brake Tester
  • VT2401/UK/R – DVSA Approved Headlamp Tester
  • OMA-542R.04 – 3T Manual Jacking Beam
  • DVSA MTS Connected Gas Analyser & Smoke Meter
  • MOT Ancillary Pack including connected Brake Meter 


If you have garage equipment that needs installation, we can help assist you. Call us today on 0203 507 1675.

Installation For Norfolk Cars

Being able to offer a wide range of services is a great way to run any business, but especially a garage. To do this, you’ll need a variety of different equipment that will not only ensure you’re offering a vast amount of services but also ensures your company is running smoothly.


If you want to find out everything there is on the vehicle lifts we recently installed in Norfolk, keep reading!

The Install


Gemcal are pleased to announce that our fully qualified garage equipment engineers have completed the installation of a 4 Tonne Electric Release 2 Post Lift for a garage in Kings Lynn, Norfolk. 


We were able to install this product in just one day which the customer was very happy with! 


Gemcal were appointed by a garage equipment supplier who had supplied and delivered the equipment but needed our assistance with a professional installation service


We’ve worked with this garage equipment supplier various times, installing a huge range of garage equipment. Including not only vehicle lifts like this but also other equipment such as MOT Bays, Brake Testers, Tyre Equipment and much more. 


We are incredibly unique in being able to offer installation of any type of workshop equipment no matter what the brand is!


If you’re looking for a fantastic company that can install any kind of garage equipment, give us a call at 0203 507 1675.


Installation For Neil Ogden Commercials

Wireless column lifts are a fantastic piece of equipment for a garage or workshop to own, you’re able to offer a phenomenal service and save some space!


Delve into the post below to find out about our recent garage equipment installation in Gloucester!


The Install


Our Garage Equipment Engineers took a trip up to Gloucester recently to install a fantastic set of 4 Wireless Commercial Column Lifts. We have the ability to install any type of Column Lift whether they are wireless or cabled. 


It doesn’t matter where they’re bought from, we can install them! Our Garage Equipment Engineers are fully qualified and have been trained to install garage equipment from all types of leading brands, so you’ll be in safe hands with us. 


It took our team just 3 and a half hours to complete the installation, and by the end of it the customer was incredibly happy with the outcome. As well as installing the equipment in question, we also provided full in-depth training on how to use the Commercial Column Lifts to ensure that their team was comfortable in operating them. 



Many businesses choose us to assist with garage equipment installations like this due to a few main reasons such as:


  • Ability to install any type of garage equipment, no matter what the brand
  • Quick turn around time
  • Team of trusted Engineers who are fully trained and qualified
  • Smooth process from  start to finish
  • Training on equipment provided 

If you would like to find out more about how we can help with your next installation simply call us today at 0203 507 1675 or email INFO@GEMCAL.CO.UK.

Installation For Cambridge Arc

Wireless Column Lifts are a great piece of equipment to have in a workshop or garage, they’re handy when you want to work on the bottom part of any kind of vehicle, no matter the size. 


Keep reading below to find out everything there is to know about our recent installation of some fantastic lifts in Fareham.

The Install


We recently took a trip up to Fareham to install a fantastic piece of equipment for a wonderful company residing in the area. 


In just one day, we were able to install a fantastic set of Full Rise Scissor Lifts! But we didn’t just stop there, we actually installed two of them! Now, this great company is able to start offering an even higher quality of service to their customers straight away!


The Product


This great product has some wonderful features so we can see exactly why they were the chosen product! Of course, we just had to list all of these features for you below!


  •  3,000 KG CAPACITY


That’s it, that’s everything there is to know! All you have to do now is make a purchase and soon enough you’ll have some efficient pieces of equipment in your garage.


Installation For Lothian Busses

We install a wide range of products for our customers and we know, that having all of the right equipment for your garage is a key part of being able to offer a fantastic service to your customers! 


If you want to hear all about our recent installation in Edinburgh, keep on reading below!


The Install


Recently we took a trip up to Edinburgh to install some fantastic HGV Headlamp Aligners for a wonderful company. We fitted and installed three of our high-quality products so this company in Scotland could start using them straight away for their customers.


We travelled up to Scotland to complete this installation and once everything was installed, the company housed in Edinburgh were able to use their new pieces of equipment straight away!


We installed three of V-Tech UK’s HGV Headlamp Aligners so Lothian Busses in Edinburgh were able to ensure their own fleet and customers had headlamps aligned perfectly whilst their vehicles were being driven.


We were able to get this equipment up and running so they were able to use their brand-new equipment almost straight away. All they needed was a brief demonstration from us, which of course, we provided!


That’s it, that’s everything there is to know! All you have to do now is make a purchase and soon enough you’ll have some efficient pieces of equipment in your garage.

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