New ATF Lane Project in Hereford

New ATF Lane Project in Hereford

We are pleased to announce that we have helped to support yet another business with a new ATF lane. Our Garage Equipment Engineers have recently completed a new ATF Lane Project at Avalon Metals in Hereford.

The Garage equipment installed on the new ATF Lane project included:

  • V-Tech BM14200 In-Ground Commercial Brake Tester

  • V-Tech BM53000 Commercial Play Detectors

  • Two 20 Tonne Pit Jacks from V-Tech

The installation went really well. As a result, the customer was really happy with how quickly and professionally our team installed their workshop equipment. It was a big project which involved many other contractors to make sure the full install went smoothly with no delays and set backs.

As always, the team provided in-depth training on how to safely and efficiently use all the equipment of the ATF lane.

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Our flexibility and convenient aftercare packages are what makes us unique. As we are not a garage equipment supplier, but a company in its own right who are here to support you and your Workshop to avoid:

  • Equipment breaks downs

  • Workshop downtime

  • Equipment not performing as it should be

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