We install a wide range of products for our customers and we know, that having all of the right equipment for your garage is a key part of being able to offer a fantastic service to your customers! 


If you want to hear all about our recent installation in Edinburgh, keep on reading below!


The Install


Recently we took a trip up to Edinburgh to install some fantastic HGV Headlamp Aligners for a wonderful company. We fitted and installed three of our high-quality products so this company in Scotland could start using them straight away for their customers.


We travelled up to Scotland to complete this installation and once everything was installed, the company housed in Edinburgh were able to use their new pieces of equipment straight away!


We installed three of V-Tech UK’s HGV Headlamp Aligners so Lothian Busses in Edinburgh were able to ensure their own fleet and customers had headlamps aligned perfectly whilst their vehicles were being driven.


We were able to get this equipment up and running so they were able to use their brand-new equipment almost straight away. All they needed was a brief demonstration from us, which of course, we provided!


That’s it, that’s everything there is to know! All you have to do now is make a purchase and soon enough you’ll have some efficient pieces of equipment in your garage.

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