Brake Testers are a great piece of equipment for any workshop to own, they’re perfect for offering a high quality service whilst also having happy customers. 

Read all about our recent trip to Liverpool to install these below!

The Install

Our team of fully qualified Garage Equipment Engineers are fantastic at what they do! Not only do they install equipment professionally, but they also are able to do it within a quick turnaround time. 

Take our latest install in Liverpool for example. We installed a Commercial Mobile Brake Tester in just 5 hours! Now that’s what we call fantastic service. 

We were appointed to install a Commercial Brake Tester by a Garage Equipment Supplier we work with closely on tons of installs nationwide. The EWJ92400 Mobile Commercial Brake Tester had already been supplied and delivered to the site, ready for our engineers to install. 

We arrived on time, on the day and fitted the brake testing unit within 5 hours. As you can imagine, the customer was incredibly pleased with how fast our team worked and was glad that their new equipment was now ready to use. 

The Product

The EWJ92400 Mobile Commercial Brake Tester is a great piece of equipment to own. In just 5 hours, you’ll have a high-quality piece of equipment you’ll be able to start using for your customers.

With this product, you’ll get:

  • Radio remote control
  • Axle weighing system
  • Motor brakes
  • Air transducers with brake system analysis program
  • Transport Wheels
  • Transport trailer
  • Printer (A4)
  • DVSA database
  • Generator

We work continuously to ensure that we are able to meet all customer’s requirements. Ensuring that deadlines are met, so that garage owners and businesses are able to use their workshop equipment almost as soon as it’s delivered. If your looking for a company to install any type of garage equipment for your workshop or your customers call our team today at 0203 507 1675 or email us at INFO@GEMCAL.CO.UK.