Equipment Calibration

Specialising in Equipment Calibrations

We’re proud to be known for outstanding service across the country, dependable for scheduled calibrations and trustworthy to carry out high quality work.

Our engineers are highly trained in equipment calibrations covering a wide variety of manufacturers from around the world.


All our engineers are tested and trained and always conform to DVSA regulations.

As one of the main suppliers of tool calibration services in the country, we are able to offer efficient calibrations saving you both time and cost. Our network of GEMCAL engineers cover the full length and breadth of the United Kingdom. You have an engineer on your doorstep and a dependable call centre at your disposal.

  • We are fully factory trained and all our engineers use manufacturer authorised calibration equipment.
  • Our unique application has been designed specifically and revolutionising the way calibrations are completed and certificates are distributed.
  • We are fully independent of any brand and are happy to calibrate any manufactures equipment at your location.
  • We are available, nationwide and at a competitive price for the best service guaranteed!

Call 0203 507 1675 to arrange your calibration easily.

Calibration contracts mean you never need to worry about up and coming deadlines. Our service team work monitor your needs and react when scheduled visits are set.

Specialists in equipment calibrations

Get the advise you need by calling our London call centre who will handle the case for you.