Gemcal Complete Brake Tester Installation in 3 Hours!

Our Gemcal engineers have recently completed a brake tester installation for S&R Smith & Son in London.

S R Smith HGV on brake tester

S&R Smith & Son has been delivering goods for over 70 years, using their own large fleet of vehicles. Gemcal were appointed by V-Tech, Garage Equipment Supplier to carry out a brake tester installation. The long-established company needed a reliable team for a professional installation of their new BM20200 Commercial Mobile Brake Tester. Our highly qualified engineers managed to complete the installation in just 3 hours, leaving the customer more than satisfied!

Our engineers are able to install any type of garage equipment ranging from Brake Testers to Tyre Equipment MOT Bays and much more. What makes us unique is that we’ve got you covered no matter what the type of equipment, garage or who you’ve bought it from.

Why rely on our engineers?

  • Highly qualified and fully trained

  • Ability to install any type of garage equipment

  • Nationwide engineers

  • Aftercare services available- we’ll take care of the installation from start to finish

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S R Smith HGV on brake tester
S R Smith HGV on brake tester