ATL Bay Installed in 2 Days

ATL Bay Installed in 2 Days

Our Gemcal Garage Equipment Engineers have recently completed a Class 4 ATL Bay installation at Grip Tyre, Bicester. The ATL Bay was installed in 2 Days.

The workshop owner was looking for a reliable installation team to rapidly install the new MOT bay. It was imperative that the installation went smoothly as the owner wanted to get setup before the MOT rush in April 2021.

ATL Bay Installed in 2 Days

As you can see the below equipment is sourced from all different brands but our engineers are fully trained to install and setup all the software configurations. On the day full training is also provided to carry our DVSA approved tests on your shiny new equipment.

Our team of nationwide Garage Equipment Engineers are fully qualified, and factory trained to install a huge range of automotive equipment. Including Brake Testers, Emissions Analysers, Tyre Equipment, and much more. We are unique, as we are completely independent and impartial to any brands.

So if you need garage equipment installed, you know who to call. 

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