About Us

When it comes to your business you simply want a smooth revenue stream and little disruption. In the real world when equipment breaks down, it has a very major impact on your business’ profitability, productivity and efficiency. We understand the importance and have developed specific service plans which can be paid in installments to allow you to be able to budget for these services well in advance.

With over 70 years of combined team experience we have an in-depth knowledge of all major brands of workshop equipment in the UK.

Our head office in London handles all calls to dispatch nationwide engineers quickly to your workshop.

We cover all corners of the UK and our engineers are trained and endorsed by BM Brake Testers and other notable equipment suppliers.

So to get your business equipped with the best machines or to create a regular service plan to avoid downtime, then get in touch with our professional team here.

We have specially dedicated services for:

  • Commercial Vehicle Workshops
  • Commercial Brake Testers
  • Mobile Column lifts
  • Inspections Pits

We’re Not a Sales Team, We’re an impartial Service Provider

We are proud to be impartial, and are happy to simply turn up and install your equipment wherever you choose to purchase it from. Although we can refer you to where to purchase equipment with credible external companies, the end decision is always down to you.

We are an independent team across the UK , run solely for the purpose of maintenance calibrations servicing & installation for workshop equipment for the aftermarket workshops.

View our accreditations here

  • Independent Tyre Shops
  • Automotive Garage Workshop
  • Car Dealer Workshop
  • MOT Stations
  • Fleet Workshops
  • Specialist Plant Workshops
  • Mobile Workshops
  • ATF Lanes

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